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Skye was amazing! He took the effort to get to know us a little better before we started with dance. This was to ensure the dance reflected our personality and our love story.

Fun Facts:

  • First Dance song of choice: L.O.V.E by Nat King Cole
  • Father and Daughter Dance song of choice: Stand By Me by Ben E. King
  • Number of classes: 8

A quick Q&A with Ian and Jessica

1. What made the both of you decide to embark on the journey?
We knew we wanted to do a first dance and if we were going to do it, we didn’t want to do a lame unrehearsed one. HAHA! Plus having my sister and her brother in law tell us how fun it was and comfortable you made them feel just gave us that extra push we needed.


2. How was the entire preparation and journey like for the both of you?
We honestly left this dance till the last hour and with a little over a month we were really worried we could not pull it off. But with a dedicated instructor and practice we actually learnt the choreography fairly quickly. You would think that with the last month before the wedding, this dance would become another stress factor but it really wasn’t. It was such a fun and great way for Ian and I to reconnect and learn something new, TOGETHER! Dance also taught us more about ourselves and it was really nice to see how we encouraged and supported each other throughout the process.


3. What was your experience on the wedding day itself? What do your friends and family think about it?
We were a little nervous and unfortunately our wooden dance floor had gotten really dewy and was really slippery but we managed to pull it off!!! (It was an outdoor wedding). HAHA! It was so awesome, we actually really enjoyed ourselves once we started dancing. With all that practice, the steps became muscle memory and we were able to enjoy ourselves in the moment. Our guests were ahhing and awwing throughout our dance. We also had amazing pyrotechnic that made the ending that much more spectacular. I think our friends and family were really impressed and surprised that we did a proper choreographed dance.


4. Looking back and watching the videos of the both of you on the special day itself, what are your thoughts?
It was the best day of our lives! I know it sounds really cliché but we honestly had so much fun with our family and friends that had flew over just to be with us for our wedding weekend. It was amazing to have seen all our hard work come into fruition. We have yet to get back the photos and videos but we are so so excited!


5. How was your experience with our instructor?
Skye was amazing! He took the effort to get to know us a little better before we started with dance. This was to ensure the dance reflected our personality and our love story. We were so nervous when we started as we knew it was going to be a time crunch but Skye assured us that he wouldn’t give us a choreography we could not handle. We started off with simple moves but when Skye saw that we were picking up the moves easily he challenged us with more technical, tougher choreography. When we first started this dance journey we really did not think we would enjoy choreographed dancing and were people that could pick up dance moves but with Skye’s nurturing and practice we surprised ourselves! Skye went above and beyond to make sure we mastered our dance moves and even coached us on WhatsApp when we sent him our practice videos. It was so rewarding to have learned a new skill with my future husband and to have fun on top of that was such a bonus.



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