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KND – Ken Ng Division Corporate Show Dance

Item: Aladdin Special for Propnex’s Broadway Fantasia, a Medley of three songs in a blend of singing, acting and dancing

  • Friend Like Me
  • Prince Ali
  • A Whole New World

Classes: 5 x 2-hour Classes

A quick interview with team leader: Yi Jie

1. What made your team embark on this journey and item?
We had a company dinner and dance event and we have a friendly competition within division level.

2. How was the entire preparation and journey like for the both of you?
Everything was very smooth and efficient. Once we settled on the theme of the performance, Skye quickly came out with the whole flow, use of characters and choice of songs that we can consider. The dance steps were also specially crafted for team dancing too.

3. What was your experience on the day of performance itself? What do your friends and team think about it?
On the actual day, we were not that nervous as we are all very much prepared for it. It was more as if we were having fun together, we were excited and couldn’t wait to go up on stage immediately. We even did a group cheer as suggested by Skye which really hyped everyone up emotionally. When we completed the performance, our friends were all commenting that we definitely would win! It was a performance that is was very complete. It comprised of a story line, highs and lows, good scripting, different genre of dance and a few wow factors

4. Looking back and watching the videos of the both of you and your team the day itself, what are your thoughts?
After watching the video, I was so impressed and touched. I’ve never imagined that we as Property Agents can put up such a big scale performance within a very short period of time. Especially many of us had zero dance/performing background. As the leader of the team, I am really honoured to be able to lead this team to being Champions and am really very grateful for all the support, trust and effort from all the dancers, especially to even my backend crew.

5. How was your experience with our instructor?
I would say that without the help of Skye, this performance will never be complete. It is like wanting to cook a nice plate of chicken rice and not adding in the chicken Essence. The whole skeleton of the performance was done up fast so that we had more time to practice. Also, Skye gave many inputs and ideas towards the props and costume, providing us with contacts to look for. Everyone in the team were so comfortable with Skye and they all speak highly of him.


Helen: I am very fortunate to have engaged Skye, our choreographer who is very professional and patient in teaching and guiding our Team through a short 1 month crash course to get us ready for a talent competition Aladdin during our annual dinner and dance “Broadway Fantasia”. Most of us have no dancing experience but we managed to emerge as the Champion Team! Thank you Skye!



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