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Corporate Workshops and Shows

A dance haven for likeminded individuals to share and discover their language of dance

Corporate Workshops

Distinguish your event through the discovery of dance.
From team building to social bonding, we deliver and define your agenda through the power of dance.
Team Performances, Team Dance-Offs and Social Nights!

I am very fortunate to have engaged Skye, our choreographer who is very professional and patient in teaching and guiding our Team through a short 1 month crash course to get us ready for a talent competition Aladdin during our annual dinner and dance "Broadway Fantasia". Most of us have no dancing experience but we managed to emerge as the Champion Team! Thank you Skye!

Helen Neo Corporate Show Engagement - KND Propnex

Skye gave many inputs and ideas towards the props and costume, providing us with contacts to look for. Everyone in the team were so comfortable with Skye and they all speak highly of him.

Yi Jie Team Leader - KND Propnex

Corporate Workshops

Looking for a highly differentiated team bonding experience? Take a step out of your comfort zone with our bespoke programmes focused on art, body and connection. Whether it’s a team performance, team dance off or just a social night for everyone to exchange partners, we have something for you! Pick a song or a dance and leave the rest to us! Meanwhile, please allow us the pleasure to ask, #shallwedance?
3-hour Programme (Flexible and can be scaled accordingly)
    • 15mins: Introduction to Music and Dance
      • Use of music, lyrical or beats
      • Dance characteristics and sync with music
    • 15mins: Introduction to Lead and Follow
      • Introduction to the value of lead and follow
      • Physical Lead
      • Visual Lead
    • 60mins: Choreography and Class
      • Depends if it’s a team performance, dance-off or social night, this is the component where we’ll teach the choreography to the participants
      • Focus on coordination, movement and expressions
    • 45mins: Practice and Q&A
      • Our instructors will be focused on assisting the participants on their queries and in perfecting their craft
    • 45mins: Performance / Dance Off / Social Night
      • Strap on your dancing shoes and watch your programme unfold!


    • Programme and timeline depends entirely on participants’ song choice, dance style choice and learning speed.
    • Trainer to participant ratio varies between 1:10 to 1:20 depending on requirements

The Dances


    • Bachata: Easy to Medium – Fun, Exciting and upbeat with elements of cheekiness
    • Salsa: Medium to Hard – Upbeat, sexy and exciting!
    • Disco Rock: Easy to Medium – Party and disco styles!


    • Cha Cha Cha: Easy to Medium – Cheeky, fun and flirtatious!
    • Rumba: Easy to Medium – Romantic, expressive and passionate!
    • Jive: Easy to Medium – Fun and upbeat! Perfect for disco-themed events!
    • Samba: Medium to Hard – Carnival and festival, loads of hip actions
    • Paso Doble: Hard – Exciting and thrilling, perfect for performance and dance offs


    • Waltz: Easy to Medium – Timeless classic, perfect for thematic, high society and fairytale events
    • Tango: Easy to Medium – Passionate and full of vigour!
    • Quickstep: Medium to Hard – Upbeat, lively and fun!
    • Viennese Waltz: Medium to Hard – Timeless classic, thematic, high society and fairytale events
    • Foxtrot: Medium to Hard: Smooth, elegant and classic
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