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Wedding Dance

We believe that each story is unique and most deserving of our dedicated attention.

The Wedding Dance

The wedding dance is a meaningful and romantic display of the couple’s story. It is a harmonious reflection of their continuous commitment to each other and visual display of the way they express themselves through a song that has been a pertinent part of their journey.


We are so blessed to have been able to find you amongst all the available dance coaches in Singapore. Being able to pull off something like that required a coach that was not just skilled in the technical aspect but also professional in understanding us as the dancers, knowing how to manage us, advise us, and guide us.

Ian and Glenys Wedding Dance Couple

I’m glad Skye pushed us to our limits! He was patient when we kept asking him to repeat & show us some dance parts & he gave solid advice on some dance techniques. And with each video recording we sent to him, he gave us lots of encouragements and key look outs to help make it better.

Keith and Grace Wedding Dance Couple

His professionalism is top-class! Skye made us feel like we were friends for many years and so it made us feel fine to make mistakes or try new styles. With his years of experience, he could provide a lot of good feedback on what is good and workable. He knows what can make a wedding first dance WOW and his choreography are all easy to follow for beginners!

Alfred and Yi Rong Wedding Dance Couple

Skye is a wonderful and one of a kind dance instructor. He made the whole experience about us and made sure that the dance represented us. Skye has a way of making the class very enjoyable and we had so much fun together. The dance practices brought my husband and I closer together too! If you want a very special dance and a wonderful experience, we highly recommend Skye!

Yi Xian and Zi En Wedding Dance Couple

Skye was amazing! He took the effort to get to know us a little better before we started with dance. This was to ensure the dance reflected our personality and our love story.

Ian and Jessica Wedding Dance Couple

We highly recommend dance lessons with Skye! He was patient, encouraging, non-judgmental and kept our classes really fun. We both loved working with Skye and couldn’t have possibly picked a better instructor.

Dominic & Jennifer Wedding Dance Couple

We would highly recommend taking lessons with Skye! He makes us really comfortable during the process of learning lessons within such a short period of time frame. He also made sure we were mentally prepared and confident to overcome our stage fright.

Yong Jian & Pei Wen Wedding Dance Couple

The Wedding Dance, A Timeless Classic

Also known as the first dance and bridal dance, the wedding dance remains a key part of a wedding tradition in both the Western and European countries. Through the years, as weddings begin to incorporate more international and meaningful elements, the first dance has become a popular couple activity in many weddings.

Beyond the aesthetics, the journey towards the performance of the wedding dance includes many priceless memories and unforgettable moments forged through the classes and practices.

Our wedding dance classes are fully customised, tailored and bespoke to your needs and requirements. Packages also include the use of the dance studio and simple edits towards the song of choice.

Keen to find out more about our wedding dance lessons and classes? Read more about what our couples have to say in our testimonials and articles below!

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Class Packages

  • consultation trial class

    $ 150 1 Class: 60
  • Above price is for a couple.

    • Get a taste of the journey ahead with a 60 minutes class
    • Consultation of wedding song choices
    • Wedding Venue and Floorplan
    • Groom and Bride Outfit
    • Recommended dance styles
    • Basic lead and follow
    • Basic dance moves
    • One-time only

    Special: Usual at S$200

  • K.I.S.S. - Keeping it Sweet and Simple

    $ 600 5 Classes: 60 Minutes Each
  • Above price is for a couple.

    • Simple dance with slow to moderate speed, 1 – 2 lifts and tricks to be expected combined with basic coordination and steps. Usually half a song.
    • Difficulty: Easy to Medium
    • 1.5 – 2.5 minutes
    • 55 minutes per class
    • 5 Classes
    • 1st Class: Consultation and Partnership Dance Basics
    • 2nd Class: Choreography Class 1
    • 3rd Class: Choreography Class 2
    • 4th Class: Choreography Class 3, Showmanship, Technique and Vetting
    • 5th Class: Final Vetting with Outfit
    • Complimentary basic music editing

    *Opening Special. Usual at S$750++

    ** The above are estimations and are largely dependent on the couple’s preferences, learning pace, abilities and other factors.

  • Timeless Classics

    $ 1100 10 Classes: 60 Minutes Each
  • Above price is for a couple.

    • Moderate level of dance combining steps, showmanship and dance techniques. Usually a full song accompanied with highlights, lifts and tricks. Depending on preference, learning pace and abilities of the couple.
    • Difficulty: Easy to Medium
    • 2 – 3.5 minutes
    • 60 minutes per class
    • 10 Classes
    • 1st Class: Consultation and Partnership Dance Basics
    • 2nd Class: Choreography Class 1
    • 3rd: Choreography Class 1, Showmanship and Technique
    • 4th Class: Choreography Class 2
    • 5th Class: Choreography Class 2, Showmanship and Technique
    • 6th Class: Choreography Class 3
    • 7th Class: Choreography Class 3, Showmanship, Technique and Vetting
    • 8th Class: First vetting with Showmanship and Technique
    • 9th Class: Second Vetting with Outfit
    • 10th Class: Final Vetting with Outfit
    • Complimentary simple music editing
    • Complimentary e-coaching

    *Opening Special. Usual at S$1,500++

    ** The above are estimations and are largely dependent on the couple’s preferences, learning pace, abilities and other factors.

Wedding Dance
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